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C L A S S I C  D I N I N G  R O O M

A dining room fit for royalty, which allows you to appreciate a luxurious environment. This is truly a work of art, with heavy attention to detail. The intricacy in the 3D Models really help define the setting of the dining room, furthermore the highest level of modelling and interior composition went into this scene. These property’s just highlighted allow you to become submerged within the space. The warm interior candle lit lighting, in comparison to the natural daylight coming through the window aid the outcome of this scene to become cinematic, but not only that, the use of high-resolution materials allow you to not know the differentiation between render and reality. This was all accomplished using only 3Ds Max and Corona, with no further postproduction needed. Which means when you press render, this is the exact outcome you will get.

Product’s specifications:

All the materials and textures are included

Available .Max Files by Year:

* 2016

* 2017

* 2018

Render Engine:

 Corona Renderer

This scene was also featured in RebusFarm’s ArtWanted, you could check it out in the following link:

© Copyright 2019 Farzad Firoozi- All Rights Reserved